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  1. Current affairs – Regional, National and International
  2. International Relations and Events
  3. General Science; India’s Achievements in Science and Technology.
  4. Environmental issues. Disaster Management- Prevention and Mitigation Strategies.
  5. Economic and Social Development of India and Telangana
  6. Physical Social and Economic Geography of India
  7. Physical Social and Economic Geography and Demography of Telangana.
  8. Socio-economic, Political and Cultural History of Modern India with special emphasis on Indian National Movement.
  9. Socio-economic, Political and Cultural History of Telangana with special emphasis on Telangana Statehood Movement and formation of Telangana state.
  10. Indian Constitution: Indian Political System: Governance and Public Policy,
  11. Social Exclusion: Rights issues such as Gender, Caste, Tribe, Disability etc. and inclusive policies.
  12. Society, Culture, Heritage, Arts and Literature of Telangana
  13. Policies of Telangana State.
  14. Logical Reasoning, Analytical Ability and Data Interpretation
  15. Basic English (10th class Standard)

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