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How to Register to a Course? Watch Seminars and Demos.

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IAS 2020

APPSC Group 1 (EM)
APPSC Group 1 (TM)

APPSC Group 2 (EM)
APPSC Group 2 (TM)

AP – SI of Police (EM)
AP – SI of Police (TM)

TS – SI of Police (EM)
TS – SI of Police (TM)

If you are unable to pay via online payment gateways, You can also transfer fee to Kalyan Sir Google Pay +91 92 46 36 56 22. After successful payment, share the transaction reciept to Kalyan Sir WhatsApp on +91 92 46 36 56 22.


APPSC – Group 1 – Demos

APPSC – Group 2 – Demos

SI of Police – Demos

Latest Seminars by Kalyan Sir:

IAS 2020 – Seminar

APPSC Group 1 – Seminar

APPSC Group 2 – Seminar

SI of Police – Seminar

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