Geography (World + Indian + TS) – (Telugu Medium)

World & Indian Geography

World Geography:

Class 1: Concept, Earth, Earthquakes

Class 2: Plate Tectonics

Class 3: Mountains

Class 4: Running Water Land Forms, Aeolian Land Forms

Class 5: Rocks, Soils, Glacial Land Forms

Class 6: Karst topography/landforms, marne land forms

Class 7: Introduction to climetology, atmosphere, global warming legislation

Class 8: Ozone deplation, Insulation, tempurature and preasure, preasure belts

Class 9: Winds, Monsoons, Elnino, Lanina, IOD

Class 10: Local Winds, Cyclones, Humidity, Condesation, Precipitation

Class 11: Clouds, Rainfall, Global Climatic Zones (Equatorial, Hot Deserts)

Class 12: Savannas, Tropical Monsoonal – Focus on Indian natural Vegitation and wildlife

Class 13: Tropical Monsoonal Climate (India) – Wildlife, Agriculture, Industries etc

Class 14: Remaining Climatic Types, Introduction to Oceanography

Class 15: Ocean Bottom Relief, Tempurature, Salinity, Tides

Class 16: Ocean Currents

Class 17: World Atlas

Indian Geography:

Class 1: Geography of India – Syllabus, Questioning Patterns

Class 2: India’s Location, Land Borders

Class 3: Land Borders, Border Lines, Disputes etc (1)

Class 4: Land Borders, Border Lines, Disputes etc (2)

Class 5: Water Borders and Physiography of India – Himalayas

Class 6: Global Warming/ Green House Effect and Climate Change

Class 7: Pollution, Air Pollution

Class 8: Northern Plains – Verical Classification, Peninsular Plateau

Class 9: Peninsular Plateau – Aravali, Vindhya Sathpura, Western Ghats, Ecological Hotspots, Mega Diverse Country

Class 10: Eastern Ghats, Islands – Andaman Nicobar, Lakshdweep

Class 11: Coral Reef, Riverine System of India – Indus Riverine System

Class 12: Riverine System of Ganga – Ganga Protection

Class 13: Riverine Systems of Brahmaputra and Western Flowing Rivers – Narmada, Tapathi, Periyar etc

Class 14: Estern Flowing Rivers – Brahmani, Maha Nadi, Nagavali, Vamshadhaara, Gostani

Class 15: Riverine System of Godavari

Class 16: Riverine System of Krishna

Class 17: Riverine System of Kaveri, Penna Etc , and Climate of India

Class 18: Climate of India – Factors, Seasons – Winter, Summer, South West mansoons

Class 19: Elnino, Lanina, IOD, Walker circulation, MJO, October Heat, North East Monsoons, Sothern Oscillation

Class 20: Soils

Class 21: Economic Geography,Agriculture, Fisheries, Communication

Class 22: Forests

Class 23: Forest acts, biosphere reserves

Class 24: National parks, wild life sanctuaries and project tiger

Class 25: Other Wildlife Projects

Class 26: Transport – National Water Ways, Sea Ports, Sagar Mala

Class 27: Air Transport

Class 28: Railways and road transport

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