APPSC Group 1 (EM) Oct 2018

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India / AP Budget (2019-20)

Paper I – General Essay – Paper 1 – Mains Test Series

Paper II – Geography (Mains Test Series)

Paper II – Indian History (Mains Test Series)

Paper II – AP History (Mains Test Series)

Paper III – (Mains Test Series)

Paper V – S and T (Mains Test Series)

General English (Mains Test Series) 150 Marks

Ethics (Paper III)

Indian History (Mains – Paper II)

AP History (Mains – Paper II)

Geography (Mains – Paper II)

Polity and Constitution (Mains – Paper III)

Governance (Mains – Paper III)

Indian Economy (Paper IV – Mains)

AP Economy (Paper IV – Mains)

S and T (Mains) Paper V

Biological Resources (Paper V – Mains)

Ancient and Medieval Indian History (Prelims – Paper I)

Modern Indian History (Prelims – Paper I)

S and T (Prelims – Paper II)

Geography (By Rajender) (Prelims – Paper I)

Geography (By Vijay) (Prelims – Paper I)

Reasoning  (Prelims – Paper II)

Indian Economy (Prelims – Paper I)

Indian Polity (Prelims – Paper I)

AP Economy

AP Re-Organization Act

General English

10 thoughts on “APPSC Group 1 (EM) Oct 2018”

    1. If there is no live class scheduled at that time… there you’ll see “This section does not have any lessons” notification.

  1. Sir, I already joined 2018 group 1 APPSC, I didn’t not see ur mains classes due to some health problems…
    Kindly give me access to use this sir, for next group 1 classes…
    Please accept my request sir
    Thanking you sir,
    Yours faithfully
    M L Krishna

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