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Access – Indian Economy (EM) – Subject Wise

** ECONOMIC SURVEY 2020-21 **

** Budget 2021-22 (Highlights) **

Class 1: Introduction to Indian Economy

Class 2: Understanding Economy and Economics, PPP, Markets

Class 3: Nominal GDP, Real GDP, Markets, Absolute Advantage, Base Year

Class 4: Micro and Macro Economics, Economic Growth and Economic Development

Class 5: G7 Summit, India, Australia, Sourth Korea and Russia are the Special Invitees. Why China is not invited ?

Class 6: Planning, Reasons, Objectives and Characteristics of Indian Planning

Class 7: Planning Commission, National Development Council

Class 8: Types of Planning, First and Second Five Year Plans in India

Class 9: 3rd Five Year Plan, Annual Plans (1966 to 1969), Fourth five year plan

Class 10: Fifth FIve Year Plan to 12th Plan

Class 11: NITI Aayog, Composition, Functions, Difference Between NITI Aayog and Planning Commission

Class 12: National Income (Introduction)

Class 13: Structural, Institutional, Sociological, Technological changes in economy

Class 14: GDP Concepts with exceptions, Various Types of Goods

Class 15: GDP, GNP, NNP, National Income

Class 16: Calculation of National Income, PI, PDI, PCI, Real and Nominal National Income

Class 17: Regulatory Authorities and Functions

Class 18: Introduction to Economic Reforms in India

Class 19: Concepts of Economic Reforms, Reforms in Industrial and Trade Policy

Class 20: Financial Sector Reforms, FERA, FEMA, MRTP Act

Class 21: Trade, Fiscal, Monetary, Capital Market Reforms

Class 22: Agriculture in India(Indian Economy Prelims

Class 23: Zamindari, Ryotwari and Mahalwari Systems

Class 24: Green Revolution and 3 Phases

Class 25: GVA, Contribution of Agriculture to India’s GDP

Class 26: Agriculture Production in India During 2019-20, An Analysis

Class 27: Agriculture Credit

Class 28: Agriculture Price Policy, Minimum Support Price

Class 29: Determinants of MSP by CACP

Class 30: Industrial Policies of India

Class 31: MRTP Act, Competition Act, CCI

Class 32: Mergers and Acquisitions

Class 33: Functions of CCI

Class 34: Cottage Industries, MSMEs, Ease of Doing Business


Class 36: Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code

Class 37: Maharatna, Navratna and Miniratna CPSEs

Class 38: Demographic Dividend and Demographic Transition

Class 39: India and World Latest Population Trends, World Populaion by Religion

Class 40: Census Operation in India

Class 41: Human Development Index As a Measure of Development

Class 42: Banking System in India, Reserve Bank of India

Class 43: Monetary Policy and Its Goals

Class 44: Monetary Policy Process

Class 45: Repo Rate, Reverse Repo Rate, LAF, MSF, Corridor, Bank Rate

Class 46: NDTL, CRR, SLR, OMOs, MSS, Monetary Policy Making

Class 47: Current Policy Rates and Reserve Rates

Class 48: Ficsal Policy, Goals, Types of Fiscal Policy

Class 49: Significance of Monetary Policy

Class 50: Fiscal Imbalance

Class 51: Deficit Financing

Class 52: New Foreign Trade Policy, 2015 to 2020

Class 53: Current Account Imbalances, BoT, BoP

Class 54: FDI, FPI, ECB, NCD

APPSC (Group 1) Rs. 33,999/- | TSPSC (Group 1) Rs. 39,999/- | APPSC/TSPSC (Group 2 - 12,499/-) | SI & Constable (AP/TS) Rs. 8,499/- | GS 2021/22 (AP/ TS) Rs. 7,999/- | Last Date: July 31st, 2021Click Here
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