8th November, 2018 (AP Current Affairs)

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1. How many areas are present in Samaja Vikasam program?

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In A.P, 17 SDGs have broadly been mapped to 27 macro-level indicators, which in turn, are converted to 104 activity-level indicators. Some of these indicators are relevant to the 10 points of ‘Samaja Vikasam’ (social development) and 15 points of ‘Kutumba Vikasam’ (household development).

2. Which of the following is the single largest commodity contributing highest economy to the AP State?

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3. Recently with which of the following Andhra Pradesh governments have signed the loan agreement for a $172.20 million project to enhance agricultural productivity?

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The Central and Andhra Pradesh governments and the World Bank have signed the loan agreement for a $172.20 million project to enhance agricultural productivity, profitability, and climate resilience of poor and marginalised farmers in Andhra Pradesh. The projects seeks to ensure that farming continues to remain a financially viable activity. The Andhra Pradesh Integrated Irrigation and Agriculture Transformation Project (APIIATP) will be implemented in rural areas largely dependent upon rain-fed agriculture. It will strengthen the resilience of poor and marginalised farmers against adverse climate events by improving access to irrigation, drought seed varieties and post-harvest technology that are aimed at improving soil health, water-use efficiency and crop productivity. The project will benefit over 200,000 families of poor and marginalised farmers, agro-entrepreneurs, women and other vulnerable groups. The $172.20 million loan from the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD), has a 6-year grace period, and a maturity of 24 years.

4. Which of the following is not correct with respect to forest and their areas in Andhra Pradesh?

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As per the forest records, the state ranks 9th in India having forest cover area of 36909.38 Sq. Kms which amounts to 23.04%. Out of 36909.38 Sq. Kms of forest area, the • Very Dense Forest is 649.79 Sq. Kms • Moderate Dense Forest is 11792.18 Sq. Kms, • Open Forest is 10931.01 Sq. Kms • Scrub Forest is 9455.24. Kms • Non-Forest is 3708.08 Sq. Kms and • Water Bodies is 373.08 Sq. Kms.

5. Which of the following is not correct?

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Andhra Pradesh stands at 1st position in productivity for Chillies, Cocoa, Lime, Oil Palm, Papaya and Tomato, 2nd in Cashew, Mango and Sweet Orange in India. A.P. Ranks 1st in area and production of fruits and spices and 2nd in Micro Irrigation area coverage. 15.92 Lakh Ha. area is under Horticulture with production of 268.57 lakhs MTs.

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