6th March, 2018 ( Telangana Current Affairs Bits)


Biennial elections for three seats of Rajya Sabha in and Telangana as the term of sitting members is due to expire on April 2, 2018 will be held on March 23rd. Total how many Rajya sabha seats are present Telangana after bifurcation?

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Note: The number of seats in the Legislative Assemblies of the States of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, on and from the appointed day, shall be 175 and 119, respectively On and from the appointed day, there shall be allocated 25 seats to the successor State of Andhra Pradesh, and 17 seats to the successor State of Telangana, in the House of the People

Neeraj Mathur committee was related to:

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Exp: NDA government appointed Neeraj Mathur committee to solve power problems between Telangana and AP. The committee held a meet and invited power secretaries from both the states. AP government demands the committee that about 65mw of power has to be alloted to their state during division of state.

Recently Telangana government drops the idea of separate agricultural budget. What is the reason for this move?

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Exp: Constitutional guidelines and Assembly rules prohibit the introduction of department wise separate budgets.

Today MPs belonged to Telangana demanded for the amendments in ninth schedule. In which year ninth schedule was incorporated in the constitution of India?

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Exp; First amendment of constitution in 1951inserted Ninth Schedule to the Constitution to protect the land reform and other laws present in it from the judicial review.

What is the total strength of Telangana legislative council after bifurcation?

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Exp: Section 22 of AP reorganization act mentions that There shall be constituted a Legislative Council for each of the successor States consisting of not more than 50 members in the Legislative Council of Andhra Pradesh and 40 members in the Legislative Council of Telangana in accordance with the provisions contained in article 169 of the Constitution.

How much amount was recommended by NITI Aayog to centre for Mission Bhagiratha?

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Exp: Earlier NITI Aayog recommended to sanction ₹ 19,000 crore to Mission Bhagiratha and ₹ 5,000 crore to Mission Kakatiya programmes of the State government as they were unique in nature.

March – 6th ( TS current affairs )
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