5th March, 2018 ( AP Current Affairs )


What is the area of Amaravati startup area?

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Note: The foundation ceremony of the ‘start-up’ area was held at Mandadam Village in the Amaravati capital area

Recently EESL decide To Invest Over ₹ 10,000 Crore in Andhra Pradesh; Produce 1 Lakh Electric Vehicles. In this context consider the following statements about EESL

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Exp: In a bid to make Andhra Pradesh the hub for manufacturing electric vehicles in the country and a push towards making the state eco-friendly, Energy Efficiency Services Ltd (EESL) has agreed to invest close to ₹ 10,000 crore in the state and has also pledged to manufacture over 1 lakh electric vehicles over the next 5 years.

Who among the following was the Vice-chairman of AP state planning board?

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K. Sreenivasula Naidu is the full time member of AP state planning board

Entrepreneur Summit for Promotion of Agriculture and Horticulture Industries was held at:

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“Palakarimpu” programme launched by government of Andhra Pradesh is related to:

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Exp: The “Palakarimpu” programme aims at filling the immunisation gap for the 0-5 years children and identify and work on child birth defects.

March 5th ( AP Current Affairs )
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