30th October, 2018 (AP Current Affairs)

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1. Which of the following is not correct with respect to Sector and its share in AP state GSDP?

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• Service sector with a share of 44% in the GSDP grew by 9.1% in 2017-18 over the previous year • Agriculture with a share of 34% of the GSDP grew by 17.8% in 2017-18 • Industries with a share of 22% of the GSDP grew by 8.5% in 2017-18

2. What is the Percapita income of Andhra Pradesh in 2017-18 (at current Prices)?

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The Percapita income of Andhra Pradesh in 2017-18 (at current Prices) is Rs. 1, 42, 054. This is more than the average national Percapita income of Rs. 1, 12, 764 in 2017-18

3. As per AP budget 2018-19, what is the expected outstanding liability of AP?

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Outstanding Liabilities is the accumulation of borrowings over the years. In 2018-19, the outstanding liabilities are expected at 28.7% of the GSDP.

4. According to AP budget (2018-19) Fiscal deficit for the next financial year is targeted at:

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Revenue surplus for the next financial year is targeted at Rs 5,235 crore, or 0.6% of the Gross State Domestic Product (GSDP). Fiscal deficit is targeted at Rs 24,205 crore (2.8% of GSDP). Note: The difference between total revenue and total expenditure of the government is termed as fiscal deficit. It is an indication of the total borrowings needed by the government.

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