2nd November, 2018 (Telangana Current Affairs Bits)


1. Sundilla barrage is constructed across:

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2. Which of the following state is not involved in Rajaolibanda Diversion Scheme?

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Rajaolibanda Diversion Scheme or RDS is an irrigation project located across River Tungabhadra in Jogulamba Gadwal district of Telangana , Kurnool district of Andhra pradesh and Raichur district of Karnataka. It is an inter-state barrage on the Tungabhadra river to supply water to Karnataka, Telangana and Andhra Pradesh states

3. What is the rank of Telangana in the country in power consumption and per capita power consumption during the year 2017-18?

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Telangana has secured first place in the country in power consumption and per capita power consumption during the year 2017-18. As per the data announced by the Central Electricity Authority, the Telangana state achieved the highest annual growth rate of 13.62 per cent in power consumption. This achievement is 122.91 per cent more than a country’s average growth rate. Uttar Pradesh secured the second position after Telangana with 7.43 per cent growth rate. Andhra Pradesh is in the third place. In per capita power consumption also, Telangana registered 11.34 per cent growth and secured the first place in the country. In 2016-17, the per capita power consumption in the state was 1551 units. In 2017-18 it was 1727 units. At the same time in the same period the nationwide power consumption growth rate was 2.4 per cent. Andhra Pradesh stands next to Telangana in per capita power consumption.

4. What is the coverage of insurance period launched by TS government?

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