22nd March, 2018 ( AP Current Affairs)


Which of the following is the largest component of Andhra Pradesh’s own tax revenue?

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In Andhra Pradesh’s own tax revenue sales tax is the largest component which contributes to 59%of its own tax revenue

Andhra Pradesh government is using “Kaizala” for real-time governance and day-to-day work. Kaizala App belongs to:

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On which of the following rivers Somasila Dam is located?

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The Somasila Dam is a dam constructed across the Penna River near Somasila, Nellore district.

National Handloom Expo-2018 was held in:

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Recently there is a news that Rajiv Gandhi National Park faces threat due to air pollution caused by lime stone mines and cement companies that have come up within a radius of 15 kilometres. In which of the following places Rajiv Gandhi National Park is located?

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March 22nd (AP Current affairs)
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