17th November, 2018 (Telangana Current Affairs Bits)

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1. Which of the following is not correct?

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The J. Chokka Rao Devadula lift irrigation scheme is the second biggest of its kind in Asia. Devadula is the place in Warangal District, Telangana, where the scheme's intake well is located The project is specially designed to lift water from the River Godavari to irrigate more than 600,000 acres (2,400 km2) in the drought prone Telangana state, India. Later it was named after the politician J. Chokkarao as the 'J. Chokkarao Devadula lift irrigation scheme'

2. What is the full form of T-HART?

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3. As per Census 2011 urban population in Telangana is:

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As per Census 2011, 1.36 crore, i.e., 38.9 per cent of the state’s total population of 3.5 crore, lives in urban areas.

4. Which district has the highest working population in Telangana?

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