17th December, 2018 (AP Current Affairs)

1. Which is the first state in India to come up with Inventory of State GHG emissions?

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Andhra Pradesh aims to have by 2029, 30% share of renewable energy, 50% green cover, 100% drought proofing, 60% water use efficiency, 100% solid and liquid waste management, Infrastructure, which is resilient to disasters and reduced green house gas emissions In the endeavor, "Andhra Pradesh Inventory of Green House Gas Emissions" is prepared to evaluate mitigation activities, thereby becoming the first state in the country to come up with an Inventory of State GHG emissions. This assessment provides information on Andhra Pradesh's emissions of Greenhouse gases Carbon Dioxide, Methane and Nitrous Oxide emitted from anthropogenic activities at State level from Energy, Agriculture, Industrial Processes and Product Use Waste and Land Use Land Use Change & Forestry and the Action Plan included in the publication highlights the various sectors contributing to GHG emissions and recommendations to reduce it.

2. In which of the following districts Cyclone Phethai hit the coast?

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Cyclone Phethai hit the coast near Katrenikona in the Konaseema region of East Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh

3. AP government is planning to establish ISDG. What is the full form of ISDG?

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Andhra Pradesh will establish an ‘Institute for Sustainable Development and Governance’ (ISDG) which will find solutions to the key developmental problems of people by creating and exchanging knowledge, designing and implementing high-impact initiatives, and equipping governments and other development organisations to address challenges and measure progress. The ISDG’s advisory board consists of the Chief Minister, representatives of the NITI Aayog, the United Nations and globally reputed research and educational institutions and prominent philanthropists.

4. As per Multi dimensional Poverty Index of AP planning department, what is the multidimensional poverty headcount ratio of the State?

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The MPI Report places Andhra Pradesh at equivalent to 51st rank globally, with an index value of 0.0825 (value ranges from 0 to 1; 0 being the best and 1 being the worst (poorest)). India, with an index value of 0.1911 is at the 66th position in the table. Within the state, East Godavari is the best performing district with an MPI value of 0.0468 while Vizianagaram is the lowest ranked district with an MPI value of 0.1271. The multidimensional poverty headcount ratio of the State, which gives the proportion of people living in multidimensional poverty, has reduced from 41.6% in 2005-06 to 21% in 2016-17. The rural headcount ratio stands at 22% while for urban areas it is 19%. As of 2011, the headcount ratio of the country stands at 41.3%.

5. How many building blocks for Green Economy were identified by AP state?

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The State strives to achieve the four pillars of Economic Transformation, i.e. Inclusive Growth, Sustained Double-Digit Growth, Technology in Governance and Green Economy. Towards achieving the target, the State has identified six building blocks for Green Economy, i.e. Clean Energy, Green Cover, Sustainable Water Use, Healthy Environment, Disaster Resilience and Climate Change Mitigation.

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