16th December, 2018 (AP Current Affairs)

1. Who among the following has been appointed as vice-chairperson of Apex Policy Advisory Board (APAB)?

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Former Chief Secretary Dinesh Kumar has been appointed the vice-chairperson of Apex Policy Advisory Board (APAB) and mentor for Institute of leadership, excellence and governance. Note: A need was felt to create expertise in governance and policy research. Thus the State government established the global institute of research, learning and knowledge sharing in the domain of public policy, public administration and governance.To provide expert inputs and advice, the institute will have an APAB comprising educationists, bureaucrats, thinkers, philosophers, economists, industrialists and philanthropists among others. The advisory board will be chaired by Chief Minister and Dinesh Kumar, IAS (Retired)is the Vice Chairperson of Apex Policy Advisory Board and the mentor for leadership program and capacity building The institute of excellence will start functioning from Vijayawada.

2. AP state government has provided how many assurances at the village level via Samaj Vikasam?

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In a first of its kind approach, the state has provided to its people 10 assurances at the village level via Samaj Vikasam and 15 securities at the family level via Kutumba Vikasam that are aimed at improving the quality of life, satisfaction and happiness of its people. Parallelly, the state government has also pioneered the adoption of 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development Goals adopted by world in January 2015, which includes achieving 169 targets under the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

3. What is the full form of ROMS started by AP government?

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4. In which of the following cities Gandhi Hill is located?

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The Gandhi Hill (elevation 500 ft (150 m)) is a hill in Vijayawada. A Gandhi Memorial, built on this hill, is the first in the country to have seven stupas. The hill is also popularly known by the name of Gandhi. The hill was formerly known as ORR hill

5. As per planning department, what is the rank of A.P in 2017-18 Global competitiveness Index?

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