12th March, 2018 ( Telangana Current Affairs Bits)


Consider the following statements

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Which of the following correctly represents Telangana’s average annual growth of GSDP for the past three years?

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The state of Telangana clocked an average annual growth of 8.6% of GSDP in the three-year period 2014-15 to 2016-17 which is much higher than the national average of 7.5%.”

Telangana’s first ever conference on Onco-Anesthesia was held in:

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KIMS Hospitals held Telangana’s first ever conference on Onco-Anesthesia

Telangana armed struggle fighter and veteran Communist leader Ch Kamalamma paased away. She is native of which district?

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She joined the post Independence armed struggle to fight the rule of erstwhile Nizams of Hyderabad and their army of Razakars as part of Telangana Liberation Struggle by Communist Party of India at the age of 15. Later Kamalamma served as secretary of the CPI Mahila Samakhya for a long period.

What is the per-capita income of Telangana during 2016-17?

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Exp: Per-capita income of Telangana is estimated at Rs. 1.54 lakh during 2016-17 as against the national per-capita income of Rs.1.03 lakh.

March – 12th (TS current affairs)
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