10th December, 2018 (AP Current Affairs)

1.What is the name of APP launched by AP CM to connect with commoners?

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The mobile application will notify people in real-time with news updates and will also act as a direct platform for the common people to interact with the government.

2. What is the full form of APSAMS portal launched by AP government?

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3. In Andhra Pradesh Rice fortification pilot project is taken up with the help of:

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4. How much financial assistance is given under Chandranna Pelli Kanuka (marriage gift)?

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5. Telugu Ganga Project supplies drinking water to:

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The Telugu Ganga project is a water supply scheme implemented by Andhra Pradesh, India to provide drinking water to Chennai city in Tamil Nadu. It is also known as the Krishna Water Supply Project, since the source of the water is the Krishna river in Andhra pradesh.

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